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By supporting the City Market, you are not only supporting a large piece of history of the city, but you are also supporting your fellow Hoosiers. Whether you stop in on your lunch break for something quick or you hit the Farmers’ market every Wednesday, you are supporting something much bigger than you realize. The City Market is not just any market, it is a piece of Indiana’s young history that stands as a national landmark constantly reminding us to Get Fresh. Be Indypendent. Buy Local.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Towering brick walls... expansive iron trusses... gracefully arched windows... patina copper roof...the historic Indianapolis City Market is among only five original 19th Century market houses left in the United States. Still in use today as a colorful, vibrant public marketplace, this beautifully preserved national treasure can create a truly unique backdrop for your event.

We are pleased to offer the beautiful, historic City Market for your group functions. For more than 100 years the City Market has been a centerpiece of Indianapolis life. From the days of horse-drawn wagons filled with fresh produce, grains, meats, cheeses and hay to the marketplace of distinctive foods, goods, and services it is today, the Market remains an authentic Indianapolis experience.

Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis just 2 blocks East of Monument Circle, the City Market is the perfect place to hold your next event. The Indianapolis City Market provides a dynamic atmosphere that will impress your guests!

We want your event to be unique, whether you desire your party to take place on the spacious Whistler Plaza or inside for a more intimate setting. Whatever the occasion, the Historic City Market provides a truly exclusive venue making any event unique and memorable. You can make your event especially memorable with a guided tour of the historic facility.

Book weddings, dances, private events and more for 2009! Contact the City Market at (317) 634 9266 for pricing information or visit our website at and click on Private Events!

Want to see what the City Market looks like as an event venue? CLICK HERE!

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