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By supporting the City Market, you are not only supporting a large piece of history of the city, but you are also supporting your fellow Hoosiers. Whether you stop in on your lunch break for something quick or you hit the Farmers’ market every Wednesday, you are supporting something much bigger than you realize. The City Market is not just any market, it is a piece of Indiana’s young history that stands as a national landmark constantly reminding us to Get Fresh. Be Indypendent. Buy Local.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Grab Lunch, Get a FREE concert

While fresh foods always has been the center attraction to Indianapolis City Market, promoting and supporting independent artists are extensions of the Market’s tradition and culture of providing flavors of Indianapolis, and that includes food, art and crafts.

The 2008 City Market music line-up includes Indy Parks Concerts, Indy Arts Market and Acoustic Thursdays Unplugged. The City Market is proud to present these FREE concerts on Whistler Plaza from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.:

June 5 Shane Rodimel Acoustic Thursday

June 6 Jessica Sonner Indy Parks Concert

June 12 Phil Pierle Acoustic Thursday

June 13 Greg Ziesmer & Indy Parks Concert

Kris Luckett

June 19 Gordon Bonham Acoustic Thursday

June 20 Blueprint Music Indy Parks Concert

June 26 Mike Flowers Acoustic Thursday

June 27 Cool Chilies Indy Parks Concert

June 28 Sour Mash Indy Arts Fair

July 3 Mike Powell(Elvis) Acoustic Thursday

July 10 Frank Bradford Acoustic Thursday

July 11 Lathens Indy Parks Concert

July 17 Bill Rumley Acoustic Thursday

July 18 Acoustic Catfish Indy Parks Concert

July 24 Doug Henthorn Acoustic Thursday

July 25 Drums of West Africa Indy Parks Concert

July 31 Myra Dworski & Acoustic Thursday

Jon Hall

Aug 1 Riley O’Conner Indy Parks Concert

Aug 7 Gordon Bonham Acoustic Thursday

Aug 8 Naptown Tuba Indy Parks Concert


Aug 14 Joe Hart Acoustic Thursday

Aug 15 Cathy Morris Indy Parks Concert

Aug 22 Monica Herzig Indy Parks Concert
Aug 29 Indy Jazz Orchestra Indy Parks Concert

The City Market is open Monday – Saturday from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Parking in the public lot at Market and Alabama streets is free to City Market patrons every Saturday, and is just $1 weekdays.

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